5 things to remember in your graduate job

  1. It is actually okay to have a 2:2. I graduated and have a great job. There are other people with the same grade here too. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the 2:1 club.
  2. It’s not as scary as you imagine. Everyone knows it’s your first day. They aren’t going to ask you to design the foundations on a billion pound project on your first day. Or ever. Unless that is what your job is.
  3. Really properly break in your shoes. Even a few days walking around a hotel will give you blisters.
  4. Be proud of your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. Your strengths are why you go the job so keep reminding yourself that; you could find yourself doing something amazing with those skills. Your weaknesses can also be broken and have the opportunity to improve.
  5. Be patient. Wait for new things to happen. Whilst you’re waiting, work hard for them. You can find yourself anywhere, doing anything.


First day fears and honesty

There’s nothing quite like being the new girl.

Although it should be said that I am not the only new girl…I am one of at least a dozen girls and joined by at least a hundred new boys.

It is day one of being a graduate for a worldwide construction company. They are one of the biggest contractors in the UK and are known for building some of the most iconic structures here. Never in my life would I have imagined working for a contractor such as this.

(If you are noticing my vagueness, it is because I am not 100% sure if I am allowed to say the name of this company yet. Things may change!)

The first two days involved inductions with all the graduates, nearby to the head office.¬† Presentations, ice breaking exercises and¬†project planning with breaks to socialise with other graduates. It was a lot of fun in a really quite overwhelming kind of way. There was also Elevation Pitches; learning to sell yourselves to your colleagues, informing them what you can bring to the company whilst keeping their attention from the start. Originally when I planned to write this post, I was going to share my elevator pitch however I have changed my mind since…the judges joked around that it was going to make them cry and it also resulted many people coming over to me during the dinner celebrations, asking why my pitch made people cry…

I should hasten to add that nobody did cry, I am just an honest person who wants to lose some fear!

I will also proudly add that my pitch in fact won out of my operating unit!

Anyway, I had a really great few days for the induction and wish I could do it again. It was great to meet so many people and to feel creative again.