5 things to remember in your graduate job

  1. It is actually okay to have a 2:2. I graduated and have a great job. There are other people with the same grade here too. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the 2:1 club.
  2. It’s not as scary as you imagine. Everyone knows it’s your first day. They aren’t going to ask you to design the foundations on a billion pound project on your first day. Or ever. Unless that is what your job is.
  3. Really properly break in your shoes. Even a few days walking around a hotel will give you blisters.
  4. Be proud of your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. Your strengths are why you go the job so keep reminding yourself that; you could find yourself doing something amazing with those skills. Your weaknesses can also be broken and have the opportunity to improve.
  5. Be patient. Wait for new things to happen. Whilst you’re waiting, work hard for them. You can find yourself anywhere, doing anything.


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